Home Variables as Predictor of Students’ Achievements in Social Studies in Junior Secondary Schools in Osun State, Nigeria

  •  Babatunde Adeniyi Adeyemi    


The study investigated the relationship between home variables and students’ achievement in Social Studies. This is with a view of enhancing students’ better performance in Social Studies. The study employed the survey research design. The population consisted of the Junior Secondary School Students in Osun State. Stratified sampling technique was employed in selecting 500 students in five purposively selected local governments in Osun State. Two instruments titled “Home Variables Questionnaire” (HVQ) and “Social Studies Achievement Test” (SSAT) were constructed by the researcher to elicit information from the subjects. The two instruments yielded 0.71 and 0.84 respectively using Cronbach alpha. Seven out of the nine variables were found to be significant predictors of students’ achievement in Social Studies; (Sex β = 1.98; t = 4.93; p<0.05, age β=-1.16, t=-3.42; p<0.05, ethnic group β=0.51; t=-6.95; p<0.05, religion β=-2.86, t=-6.95; <0.05 parent living pattern β=-2.66; t=-2.92 p<0.05, number of fathers’ wives β=5.25; t=4.21; p<0.05, mother’s position among wives β=-3.39; t=-4.718; p<0.05) whereas the two other variables were not predictors of students’ achievement (mother’s no of children β=0.19; t=1.78; p>0.05, and position in the family β=0.01, t=0.010, p>0.05). Also, there was significant difference in male and female students’ achievement in Social Studies (t=9.991, p <0.05). Furthermore, there was a significant relationship between home facilities and students’ achievement in Social Students (r=0.180; p<0.05) whereas there was no significant relationship between birth order and students’ achievement (r=0.050, p>0.05). The study recommended among others that government should provide schools with adequate infrastructures and facilities that will enhance effective learning environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.