Didactic Conditions of Implementation of ICT in the Formation of Creativity of Future Teachers of Physics

  •  Sherzod Ramankulov    
  •  Malik Sultanbek    
  •  Kamalbek Berkimbaev    
  •  Gulmira Meirbekova    
  •  Sagidulla Ussenov    
  •  Meiramkul Zhasuzakova    
  •  Nurdaulet Shektibayev    


The priority of education development at the present time due to technological progress and global technologization of advanced countries. The level of modern production, science and technology and social transformation define the public interest in the preparation of competitive, highly skilled, intelligent and proactive specialist with a strong creative mind.

For the formation of a modern specialist is able to master and new production, and technology, and accumulating the advanced achievements of scientific thought in the first place, there should be a qualitative change in the training of students, focusing it on modern achievements of science and technology, an understanding of the basic disciplines, the development of creative and organizational skills of future specialists. It is also important to educate the need to independently acquire knowledge not only in the University but also throughout life.

We revealed a system of didactic conditions of development of creative personality in the cognitive activity of future teachers of physics on the basis of which the participants of the pedagogical process can achieve the desired results. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.