Do Extra-Curricular Activities Effect Student Leadership in Institutions: Sport?

  •  Ahmad Esa    
  •  Siti Salwa Abd Mutallib    
  •  Nor Nadhia Nor Azman    


“Does sport have an effect on student leadership?” or “Does sport really help in shaping a leader?” are the questions that still cannot be reveal clearly. Many studies have been done to answer this question but it does not seem to have a final and complete answer. This is because some of the research has come out with the conclusion that sport really does help in creating a quality leader and some of it does not agree with this. This is because, they found out that sport only helps in the students’ physical achievement not in their leadership skills. Physical activity can improve psychomotor skill, fluency of blood flowing through the whole body, calming our thinking, awake happiness and upgrade academic performance (Taras, 2005). This paper will help in explaining what is really meant by leadership, student perceptions of leadership, extra-curricular, the benefit of extra-curricular, how curricular affect leadership, leadership in institution’s associations, sports, and sport leadership.

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