The Relationship between Prosocial Voice and the Patient Safety Culture in the Saudi Public Hospitals

  •  Almotairi Theeb Moeidh    
  •  Fadzali Abdulaziz Shah    
  •  Ebrahim Mohammed Al-Matari    


This study examines the direct linkage between prosocial voice and patient safety among public hospitals in Saudi Arabia. The researcher employed the quantitative survey design for data collection, where 127 out of 251 healthcare firms were chosen in Saudi Arabia with the following division-70 organizations from the central region and 57 from the western region. The hospitals comprising the sample all operate under the oversight of the Saudi Ministry of health. The researcher distributed 30 questionnaires in each of the 127 Saudi hospitals to staff workers working in the nursing units in both regions. A total of 1793 questionnaires were returned and the rate of response was calculated by dividing the number of returned questionnaires with the total number of participants. The present study made use of regression analysis to examine the relationship between prosocial voice and patient safety culture. The findings revealed a positive and significant relationship between the two. Some recommendations for future studies were provided at the end of the study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.