Brief Probe into the Brand and Marketing Strategy of NBA

  •  Zhongfeng Sun    


Sports marketing one of many marketing ways which integrates the sports culture and brand culture through sports activities. Sports marketing have two explanations, one regards sports as a commodity, and the other is to regard the sports activities as the carrier of brand marketing. In this paper, we use the second kind of explanation that sports marketing is regarded as a carrier of brand marketing.Nowadays, with the constant development of all kinds of sports, many sports have reached a certain height through their own development strategy and marketing strategy, and form various league and sports leagues, but there isn't one international sports media group like the National Basketball Association (NBA) that is popular all over the world. Marketed through the stars and the surrounding products, the unique marketing strategy is gradually referred to by other league and activities. This article will firstly introduce the current situation of the NBA, expound the importance of sports marketing to brand promotion and sports promotion, then analyze sports marketing strategy, and finally put forward the conclusion of this article and give a summary to this article.

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