Corporate Political Activity: An Integrated Model

  •  Vivek Kumar    
  •  Munish Thakur    
  •  Saroj Kumar Pani    


This paper reviews the current state of research in the area of corporate political activity to build an integrated model. This model segregates the related but scattered corporate political activity constructs in literature into enablers, motivators, moderators, choices, and outcomes of corporate political activity. This model can be help in reconciling contradictory results in literature. For instance, several studies have found evidence positive, neutral, and negative effect of CPA on performance. This model suggests that CPA-performance relationship is enabled and moderated by several factors, and controlling them may yield a better picture of CPA effect on performance. We further suggest gaps in current literature and give suggestions for future research in this area.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.