A Brief Analysis of Sports Venues in Colleges and Universities

  •  Zhongfeng Sun    


Sports venue is the indispensable infrastructure of colleges and universities in sports, it occupies an important position. Sports venue embodies the sports teaching and recreational function between teachers and students in colleges and universities. In the course of China's reform and opening up, the depth and breadth of the market is increasing, the education system is changing gradually, and the management and operation of colleges and universities in our country is also gradually becoming market-oriented. In this context, the college sports venue is becoming the state of creating a certain economic value through market-oriented operation from the previous state without any output under administration construction funds. In our previous practice, the use of basic sports venue in Chinese universities is not in the market without playing the potential market value. While in the whole society, the construction of sports venues are expensive, and it is not realistic to ensure that each region has sports venue, so it is the result of the market for the colleges and universities to open the sports venues to the public, it not only can achieve the goal of the national fitness, but also can earn economic and market benefit for college sports venues. Whether can give full play to the market efficiency of sports venues and other facilities is a problem which college managers should think seriously.

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