Study on the Eco-tourism Environment Protection Based on the External Theory

  •  Hongshu Wang    
  •  Shunyi Shao    


From the connotation and nature of the eco-tourism, this article use the external theory to analyze the external diseconomy in the eco-tourism development. The external disecomomy of the eco-tourism contains production aspect and consumption aspect, such as the external diseconomy produced by irregular exploring actions, by lacking in strict tourism management measures and by the non-ecological actions of tourists. The external diseconomy in the tourism development has not only affected sustainable development of the eco-tourism, but also may bring about unrecoverable damage to the fragile ecological environment. Thus the government should play a leading role in the eco-tourism development to take on necessary intervention and regulation to the eco-tourism. The government must establish eco-tourism planning and strict examination and approval system, must strengthen eco-tourism environmental monitoring, must set up complete macro policies and laws or regulations on the eco-tourism development, must eliminate or weaken the external diseconomy of the eco-tourism and must protect the ecological environment on which eco-tourism relies. Only by such measures, do we promote sustainable and healthy eco-tourism development.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.