Emergence of Chinese Han Retro Wedding Dress

  •  Li Niu    
  •  Tingting Xia    
  •  Rongrong Cui    
  •  Jie Lu    


Social changes led to the gradual disappearance of traditional Han costume. While in the context of national cultural revival, the "Chinese Hanfu movement" has given rise to the appearance and commercialization of Han Retro Wedding Dress, which including "Zhou style", "Han style", "Tang style", "Song Style" and "Ming style." Chinese history and culture, social democratic environment, economical market promotion and diverse aesthetic needs give the soil for these dresses. While contemporary wedding dresses in China are mostly westernized, and these retro dresses bring certain "reverse cultural shock" to Chinese marriage custom. The key of dealing with the "reverse cultural shock" and reviving Chinese costume culture should be following the market rules with sufficient cultural consciousness of the whole Chinese nation.

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