Conceptual Specific of Project Management of Regional Economy Development

  •  Vladimir Ivanovich Zarubin    
  •  Edward Kitovich Tkhakushinov    
  •  Saida Kazbekovna Kuizheva    
  •  Svetlana Olegovna Nekrasova    
  •  Tatiana Anatolievna Ovsyannikova    


The process of social and economic systems management including the system of innovative development of aregion as a set of programs and projects realized in a region is analyzed in the article. It is assumed thatfunctioning of this system may be optimized by the system of regional management. The choice of specialmanagement technologies supports forming and effective realization of project set of innovative space. Asprogram and project set in a region is variable and unbalanced by a number of characteristics this set or systemmay be defines as a sort of dissipative structure.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.