Algorithm for Organizing the Process of Ecological and Economic System Regulation of the Territorial Unit

  •  Edward Kitovich Tkhakushinov    
  •  Vladimir Ivanovich Zarubin    
  •  Svetlana Olegovna Nekrasova    
  •  Saida Kazbekovna Kuizheva    
  •  Tatiana Anatolievna Ovsyannikova    


The optimization of using the natural-resource potential of the region is the most important function to managethe social and economic regional interactions, causing the needs to make changes in the management system forthe balanced eco-economic development of the territory by taking into account the intensification ofreproduction processes. The challenge of improving the theoretical and methodological framework and toolkit toform the scientifically-based system of balanced use of regional resources is characterized by a high theoreticaland practical importance. The purpose of this study is to elaborate the perspective directions of regulationdevelopment for the environmental and economic sustainability of the territory system. Unlike the undertookstudies, the given empirical study focuses on simplifying the regulatory process of ecological and economicdevelopment in the region due to the integrated management systems (IMS) implementation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.