Archaelogical Studies at the Karatau Tumulus Burial Grounds

  •  Sagynbay Serykbaevych Murgabayev    
  •  Mels Maratovich Bakhtybayev    
  •  Lazzat Jumagulovna Maldybekova    
  •  Sayden Joldasbayevich Joldasbayev    


The Karatau team of the Syganak archaeological expedition of the Research Centre of Archaeology of theInternational Kazakh-Turkish University named Khoja Ahmed Yasawi hold the exploration works along thelower and middle reaches of Kyzylata and Biresek rivers in 2012 field season. In the course of the study theburial grounds Kyzylata I, Kyzylata II, Biresek I and a single tumulus Biresek II were excavated. The aim of thestudy is to obtain new data on early medieval cultures, identifying features of the evolution and trends in theoverall development of culture and the reconstruction of obsequies and philosophical foundations of ancienttribes. The study was funded by the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of theRepublic of Kazakhstan in the framework of the budget program 055 "Research and / or scientific and technicalactivities", sub-programme 101 "Grant funding for research studies" by priority: "The intellectual potential of thecountry."

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.