Hypertext of Duysebek Nakipov

  •  Aslan Zhamelevich Zhaksylykov    
  •  Asemzhan Zhaparkyzy Zhaparova    
  •  Ainur Serikbaikyzy Aitmukhanbetova    


In the given paper the aesthetic, stylistic, especially poetological features of D. Nakipov (famous Kazakh poetand writer) are studied, the main features of the author's discourse are also examined. They fit well within theparameters of postmodern literary techniques and style, for example: function codes and markers, symbolism,affectation syntax and quirky shapes, expressiveness and impressionism can be relegated. By analyzing theaesthetic component of the work, the characteristics of author discourse, conceptual characteristics and strategiesof the author, there is the conclusion that the novel of D. Nakipov is a sample of postemodern hypertext literaturein a new wave of Kazakhstan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.