Dynamics of Labour Input and Average Annual Hours Actually Worked Per Worker in Industry of Developed Countries and Russia: Similarities and Differences

  •  Alexander Vladimirovich Zolotov    
  •  Oleg Anatolevich Mazur    
  •  Michael Vasilevich Popov    


Dynamics of labour input and average annual hours actually worked per worker in industry of developedcountries and Russia is analyzed. It is revealed that the correspondence of the given notions depends on thedynamics of employment. It is discovered that for the economically developed countries the quicker reduction oflabour input is characteristic in comparison with the employment. In Russian industry labour input is decreasingas well though the employment is decreasing quicker. As a result in economically developed countries averageannual hours actually worked per worker in industry is decreasing and in Russia is increasing.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.