Evaluation of the Competitive Potential of the Economic Development of the Country: Theoretical Aspects and Russian Practice

  •  Natalia Victorovna Kuznetsova    
  •  Natalia Alexandrovna Vorobeva    
  •  Anastasia Vladimirovna Koroleva    


The article presents the methodology of evaluation of the competitive potential of the regions, including the threemain stages of research, which has been tested during the analysis of competitiveness of Russian regions. Duringeach stage it is calculated the main indexes, and the Integral Index of regional competitiveness, which providethe opportunity to present a complex view of competitive advantages of the regions of the country. As the resultof this research it was presented the whole calculation of the development of Russian regions on the basis ofcompetitive ability (2010, 2012 years). Based on the calculations it was identified the main problems of Russianregional industrial development - the obsolescence of the capital assets, insufficient level of investments, the lowlevel of innovation activity of enterprises, etc. The obvious way for solving these problems is the governmentalplanning system of industrial development (industrial policy). During this research it became obvious thatpresented methodology allows making a comprehensive analysis of the competitiveness of the regions of thecountry.

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