Improving the Methodology of Disposition of State Support Funds for Agriculture under the WTO Rules

  •  Anatoliy Timofeevich Stadnik    
  •  Sergey Aleksandrovich Shelkovnikov    
  •  Yvgeniy Vladimirovich Rudoy    
  •  Danil Maksimovich Matveev    
  •  Marina Sergeevna Petukhova    


The author considers the current financial status and the efficiency of agriculture in Russia, evidenced from the Novosibirsk Region, as one of the leading food producers in Siberia. The basic disadvantages in the system of indicators to assess the effectiveness of state-run programs and the use of state support for the agricultural industry development are identified. The author has proposed the indicators enabling one to objectively reflect the current status of agricultural producers. These indicators can be used by the state when creating favorable conditions for expanded and innovative reproduction. They were used to determine deficiency of the state funding of the agricultural industry at different types of reproduction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.