Development of Methodical Approach on Identification of Cluster Forms of the Organization of Economy of the Traditional and Agrarian Region

  •  Irina Viktorovna Taranova    
  •  Aleksandr Yur'yevich Gunko    
  •  Oksana Anatol'evna Alekseeva    
  •  Oleg Nikolaevich Bunchikov    
  •  Viktoriya Vital'evna Kurennaya    


The spatial organization of economy of the Russian regions endures a certain crisis of the existing schemes of territorial localization and functioning of the leading sectors of economy and their enterprises. The accruing fragmentation of economic space and social and economic differentiation is а result of lack of effective counteraction to this crisis. Regions with agrarian orientated economy are more sensitive to processes of uneven development of economic space because they are more dependent on natural and geographical regularities, and the focused development of separate zones leads to synchronous formation of depressive territories with the low level of the key social and economic parameters, despite the available resource potential. Therefore, formation of new approaches to the organization of economic space of the agrarian oriented regions has to coordinate with identification of all leading sectors of economy, zone and polar forms of economic growth and leads to the introduction of different types of cluster innovations on the basis of stimulation of the relevant initiatives. Exactly potential of the cluster forms of the organization of economic space is capable to extend on extensive adjacent territories, forming network designs with the mode of active social and economic development. According to this, an object of this research is development of theoretical and methodical provisions and conceptual approaches and recommendations about improvement of management of development of the agrarian oriented region on the basis of using cluster approach. As a result of the solution of the objective it is offered, based on selection and the analysis of quantitative indicators, methodical approach on identification of potential of clustering in the leading branches of economy of the agrarian oriented region. Also basic elements of the concept of management of the region on the basis of using cluster approach were specified with using the scenario of stage-by-stage development of a cluster in a key branch of economy and the scenario of a polybranch clustering of economy with creation of clusters in several leading branches.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.