Dynamics of Resettlement of the Population in the Area of the Semirechensk Territory in the Beginning of XIX – XX Century

  •  Fialka Nuruevna Miymanbaeva    
  •  Ainura Talgatovna Suinova    
  •  Zhanar Bazargalievna Kozhabekova    
  •  Aigerim Pernebekovna Akynova    
  •  Perizat Nurlybekovna Nuskabai    


The aim of this article is to reveal the stages of migration movement of Russian peasants in Turkestan,particularlyto the area of Semirechensk from the European Russia: from the West Siberian provinces, Tomsk,Tobolsk, Akmola, Semipalatinsk and other regions. The article reveals the activities of the government and theState Council of Russia on the organization of resettlement within the Semirechensk region: reorganization andassociation of the Resettlement Department to the General Administration of Lands and Agriculture, the creationof a special party for the formation of temporary resettlement sites in the Semirechensk area; causes for registerthe resettlement sites. It is pointed out that since the beginning of the XX century, the huge rate of migration hasbeen observed in the Semirechie, so by the end of 1911,15,963 immigrant families have arrived here, for a totalof about 100,000 persons of both sexes. The data are provided on how many land sites have been prepared forthe immigrated peasants, of which square they were, the quantity of land sites per capita, information about theeducated Russian settlements and settlers in the Semirechie in the beginning of XX century, according to theannual report data of the military governors in the Semirechensk region from 1906 to 1915. It is concluded thatafter the October Revolution, the new Soviet government did not pay much attention to the Russian peasants,and in this area the old colonial policy would have been continued.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.