Problems and Perspectives of Development and Regulation of Electronic Forms of Money in Russia

  •  Irina Valentinovna Vihlyaeva    
  •  Sergey Vladimirovich Shpeka    
  •  Anatoly Vladimirovich Babin    
  •  Maria Alekseevna Aseeva    
  •  Olga Vladimirovna Gleba    


While the society is developing, necessity in increase of speed of information transfer is constantly growing,significance of information in all areas of mankind’s life acquires real traits. Information carriers during differenthistorical periods were elm made by Slavic people, clay plate and papyrus - by Egyptian people, skins bynomadic folks; while some of them will be more durable, another ones will be less. Information can bedetermined for allocation on electronic mediums. For satisfaction of need in constant receipt of info, a humancreates diverse technical devices which expand ones’ physiological borders of perception. In that context, we seea necessity to look at mechanisms of electronic money market regulation nowadays, to research how to providefor confidentiality electronic payments, control of electronic money circulation; what has already been done, andwhat must be done.

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