Almaty (Kazakhstan) Youth’s Work Values: Sociological Analysis of the Structure and Content

  •  Aidos Bauyrzhanuly Altynbekov    


The results of Almaty youth’s work values social research are represented in this article. The impact of suchvalues like high salary, exciting work, position retention guarantee on youth’s life and work which becameprevailed in youth’s professional career path were determined and the factors having impact on them areconsidered. The question in this article is in young people’s opinion concerning risks and opportunities whichthey meet on their career path, importance of their service quality. Youth’s diligence, their work firmness andaspiration are described. Evaluating the view in respect of business activity among young people, considerableopinions about its society advantages are represented. The factors which may form obstacles for young people’sdirection towards business activity are evaluated according to their importance. The reasons for youth’s failureof starting up a new business are mentioned, weaknesses of professional mobility and professional experienceare shown. The authors represented beneficial ways for young people stimulation for work, as well as dividedthem according to youth’s opinion. Its predominance on the way towards youth’s making progress is analyzedleaning on research results. They tried to determine the correlation between work and money in young people’sperception. The author represents his conclusion concerning activities to be made in order to regulate workissues from the very beginning.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.