Methods of Developing of the Prospective Teacher’s Creativity

  •  Ospanova B. A.    
  •  Redlikh S. M.    
  •  Sagdullaev I. I.    
  •  Tashbulatova A. E.    
  •  Abdulhakov A. B.    
  •  Dadashov D. T.    


In the modern conditions, the demand for creative and creative-competitive personality is extremely large, and it will continue to increase. Therefore, the importance of the orientation of professional education at the comprehensive promotion of creative self-development of a competitive person does not raise doubts. In this article, the authors generalize their long-term experience in high school to form a creative personality of students as future professionals in demand in the new market conditions of competition. The technology of formation of creativity of future expert and results of skilled and pedagogical work on development of creative potential of students in higher education institution to professional creative self-development of future professional activity are presented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.