Retention Factors and Their Relative Significance in Ceramic Manufacturing Industries in India

  •  S. Umamaheswari    
  •  Jayasree Krishnan    


Due to the tough competition prevailing in the manufacturing industries, retention of employees has become a challenge for the organizations. Surveys predicted that there is a strong growth in ceramic sector. Therefore special attention is given in this paper to analyze the factors influencing employees’ continuation in ceramic manufacturing industries. Work life balance & policies, organization commitment, supervisor support and training & development were the four non-monetary factors considered for analysis. This study explored the facts over employees of ceramic manufacturing industries in India. Statistical tools were utilized to analyze the influence of variables. The analysis revealed that all the four factors were correlated to employee retention. The findings also concluded that work life balance & policies, organization commitment and supervisor support exerted significant influence with employee retention. It is also found that supervisor support exerted more influence that other two factors. Suggestions and limitations of the study were also incorporated.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.