Demographic Factors Associated with Retirement Planning: A Study of Employees in Malaysian Health Sectors

  •  Mohd Fitri Mansor    
  •  Chor Choon Hong    
  •  Noor Hidayah Abu    
  •  Mohd Shahidan Shaari    


Retirement is a stage of life where involvement in certain social activities and desirable conducts become less or narrow. Retirement life without planning requires continuous employment or working and the life style remain same with young age although the individual reaches retirement age. Lack of proper retirement planning preparation will generally bring some disappointment during retirement. Thus, having a proper retirement planning is extremely important. The main aim of the study is to investigate the significant of demographic factors in determining of retirement planning among health sectors based employees. While, the objectives of the current study are to determine the relationship between demographic factors consists of age, education level, gender and household income towards retirement planning. There are 110 set of questionnaires distributed to respondents worked in health sectors. The results of the study revealed that age; education level and household income were supported however intriguing findings for gender was not supported. The findings and the framework of the study will be useful to the Malaysians in preparing a proper retirement planning in their life. The study also serves a guideline to the government and policy maker as well as banking and financial institutions in satisfying the needs and wants from the market.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.