Historiography Analysis of Qing Dynasty Clothing Review in ‘Geng Yi Ji’

  •  Lanlan Yan    
  •  Xiangyang Bian    


‘Geng Yi Ji’, written by Eileen Chang, is an important literature for fashion research of the Republic Period of China, and most of scholars in fashion field also focus on this part, they mentioned this article in lots of books. While, there is nearly no literature talk about the fashion of Qing dynasty in ‘Geng Yi Ji’, in fact, compare with the fashion in the Republic Period, the fashion in Qing dynasty is also a main part of ‘Geng Yi Ji’. This thesis analyzes Eileen Chang’s Qing dynasty fashion review in ‘Geng Yi Ji’ through historiography point, in order to explore certain fashion culture and fashion history in ancient China. The thesis analyzes three fashion reviews of Eileen Chang, briefly including ‘over the course of three hundred years of Manchu rule, women lacked anything that might be referred to as fashion’, ‘the details of ancient Chinese clothes were completely pointless, such as the soles of cotton shoes inscribed with patterns’, ‘the dissipation of energy on irrelevant matter, marked the attitude toward life of the leisure class in China, such as the three or more pipings and trimmings on coats’. Through the historiography analysis, it explores the real fashion trends in Qing dynasty, the culture connotation of fashion decoration in ancient China, the root and development of coat embroidery borders.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.