On the Teaching Management Mode of Sino-foreign Educational Cooperation Program in Higher Vocational Colleges

  •  Li Zhang    
  •  Yang Lu    


In order to further standardize the management of Sino-foreign cooperative education, to improve the co-education quality, a guiding principle has been established in the "Regulation of the People's Republic of China on Chinese-foreign Cooperative Education", which is "opening wider to the outside world, running and managing the co-education programs according to the law, and promoting the development of co-education" (Sino-foreign cooperative education assessment program). The Ministry of education mainly mentioned the quality guarantee system in the process of Sino-foreign cooperative education institution, teaching quality guarantee system is the key process to the feasible evaluation. This paper, based on its author’s own experience of managing the Sino-foreign cooperative education program, gives her thought on how to improve the management of sino-foreign co-education. With China's accession to the world trade organization, opening to the outside world has entered a new stage. How to cope with the internationalization trend of China's higher education is an unavoidable and must-considered question (Cai, 2002). As a supplement of China's higher education form, Sino-foreign cooperative education has obtained fast development in our country. To do well in the construction of the international cooperation program, there are a lot of work to do, among which the most important thing is to do well in teaching management. For Sino foreign cooperative education program teaching management has its own characters, we must build appropriate teaching management system and management model.

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