Performance Appraisal and Training and Development of Human Resource Management Practices (HRM) on Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention

  •  Vimala Kadiresan    
  •  Mohamad Hisyam Selamat    
  •  Sugumaran Selladurai    
  •  Charles Ramendran SPR    
  •  Ramesh Kumar Moona Haji Mohamed    


It is widely agreed that the impact of human resource management (HRM) practices can create comparative advantage for the organizational performance when organizational commitment matters. On the contrary, turnover has become a trend and it is at rise in the current working environment. The main intention of this study is to demonstrate a relationship between HRM practices and organizational commitment and its impact on turnover intention. Data of 75 employees from several different industries were collected throughout Klang Valley in Malaysia. The outcome reflects a correlation among Performance Appraisal and Training and Development (HRM practices) with organizational commitment which in turn contributed an inverse relationship with employee turnover intention. The greater commitment developed among employees will improve the organizational effectiveness through maintained skilled and experienced employees thus reducing turnover intentions. Therefore, this study dedicates to the knowledge on the impact of HRM practices on organizational commitment and turnover intention. The data results can serve as a reference or guideline when conducting relevant studies in the future.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.