Significance of Teachers and Education in Promoting National Economic Development: A Case Study of Pakistan

  •  Farah Khan    
  •  Muhammad Sofian Bin Omar Fauzee    
  •  Yaakob Daud    


The key objective of the present paper is to highlight the consequence of education along with the importance ofteacher in education and its overall influence on the national economic development Pakistan. It is crystal clearthat the role of education and teachers has become more important in improving human capital and consequentlyhas a positive impact on the national development and prosperity. The results of this study show that teachers inall level including primary school, middle school teacher and high school teacher play a positive and statisticallysignificant role in promoting national economic development. Therefore, these findings have some importantpolicy implications. The government of Pakistan at both the federal and provincial levels needs to formulateappropriate and education promoting oriented policy in order to encourage education and increase quality trainedteachers in the country. Consequently, it will further help to promote overall economy performance and largelymitigate poverty and improve social welfare in the country.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.