The Relationship between Teachers’ Factors and Effective Teaching

  •  Abdul Rahim Hamdan    
  •  Chia Lai Lai    


This study aims to examine the relationship between three teachers’ factors that’s teaching experiences, type ofschool performing and attendance of professional development course towards effective teaching amongsecondary school teachers in Johor, Malaysia. A total of 322 secondary school teachers from Malaysia involvedin this study. The instrument used in this study was a set of questionnaire which combined Charlotte Danielson(2007) and James H Stronge (2007) models. This quantitative study utilized survey method with stratifiedrandom sampling. Teachers’ factors were tested through correlation and multiple regression analysis. Thefinding indicate that there are significant positive correlation between three teachers factors (teachingexperiences, type of school performing and attendance of professional development course) towards secondaryschool teachers’ effective teaching. Highest relationship towards effective teaching is attendance of professionaldevelopment course (r=.676, p< .05), following by teaching experience (r=.621, p< .05) and type of schoolperforming shows least relationship (r=.193, p< .05). Besides, the regression model indicates a predictivesignificance by teachers’ factors towards effective teaching. Hence, the findings support the conclusion that theselected factors are predictors of secondary school teachers’ effective teaching. This study revealed theimportances of professional development course and teaching experience compare with type of schoolperforming. Teacher needs to always continue upgrade ourselves for practising teaching effectively. Thesefindings also have implications for secondary school teachers and administrators to reflect and broaden the viewstowards effective teaching.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.