Instrument Development for Organisational Health

  •  Hari A. P. Nair    
  •  Dileep Kumar    
  •  Subramaniam Sri Ramalu    


This study establishes the factors influencing Organisational Health (OH), leading to the development of anempirical measurement instrument. Despite the fact that a few firms have understood the significance ofmeasuring health, they mostly do not know precisely what to measure, because of an absence of understandingof what constitutes a set of organisational health dimensions. This study used a mixed method through literaturereview, expert opinion and a quantitative pilot survey with 123 supervisory staff from a telecommunicationcompany in India. The instrument was further tested for standardisation in Malaysia, Bangladesh and Indonesia.The study identified an OH measurement model consisting three constructs such as Change Capacity, GoalAlignment and Competitive Advantage. There are 29 items which collectively influence the degree of OH in anOrganisation. By proposing, creating, and validating a multi-dimensional, operational measure of theorganisational health, and by showing its viability in enhancing organisational performance, the present studygives practitioners a handy instrument for assessing the extensiveness of their current OH initiatives. The expertswhile interacting for the study expressed a uniform opinion regarding the OH constructs and its factors. Webelieve that developing an objective measurement instrument for organisational health is a significantcontribution to the body of knowledge.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.