The Role of Production Costs in the Management of Poultry Sector of the Region

  •  A. M. Safiullina    
  •  I. Sh. Davydova    
  •  A. R. Klimanova    
  •  D. A. Ganeeva    


The article analyzes the economic characteristics of poultry sector development on the example of large poultryfarms in Tatarstan Republic. Special attention is paid to the role of production costs in poultry sector inincreasing the efficiency of production-financial functioning of economic subjects. The authors prove that tocompare the costs dynamics, the relative indicators should be cast to each 100 sq.m. of a farm, i.e. the conditionsshould be typified in order to analyze the structure, trends and development prospects of the farms’production-financial functioning. Conclusions are formulated, that the efficient management ofproduction-financial functioning costs and structure will allow to achieve the increased efficiency ofproduction-financial functioning of poultry farms. The crucial significance is attributed to innovativemanagement, budget financing, special programs financing, and various forms of state-private partnership,which would increase the investment attraction of poultry sector.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.