Characteristic Features of Implementing Social Security Schemes in Russian Regions (The Case of the Republic of Tatarstan)

  •  R. R. Gaizatullin    
  •  G. N. Khadiullina    
  •  N. V. Antonova    


The study looks at the activities of the Regional Office of Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation (SIFRF) in the Republic of Tatarstan (RT) regarding national insurance coverage. The study uses instruments forcorrelation – regression analysis to identify the factors to increase social security payments. The authors explainthe projected change in insurance fees against short-term disability and maternity; formulate recommendationsfor regional offices of the SIF RF aimed to reduce past due debts; identify the role of the RF Social InsuranceFund in providing sustainable macroeconomic development.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.