Problematic Aspects of Corporate Tax Risk Empirical Analysis

  •  E. U. Strelnik    
  •  D. S. Usanova    
  •  I. G. Khairullin    


Theoretically corporate tax risk is defined as the probability of deviations of the tax burden from the plannedvalues. From the standpoint of tax law there are much more taxation risk factors. The revenue authoritiesconsidered as a risk factor not only the amount of the tax burden, but also its fluctuation relative to the averageindustry value. Besides these, taxation risk factors are: low level of the average wage in a corporation, losses inthe company’s several tax periods, increase of costs, compared with revenues exceeding the growth rate of taxdeductions for VAT, the inconsistency of profitability indicators to average industry values, etc. So, thefollowing question arises: whether the selection of these factors in terms of their relationship to the costmanagement is justified? Do the taxes and taxation risk in the value of a corporation is essentially? This article isdevoted to research these problematical issues.

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