Enhancement of Horizontal Well Oil Recovery by Means of Chemical Stimulation

  •  A. F. Yartiev    
  •  M. H. Musabirov    
  •  A. M. Tufetulov    
  •  L. L. Grigoryeva    


Complex of self production technologies solves the problem of preservation, restoration and enhancement ofnatural collection characteristics of bottom hole formation zone and, moreover, enhancement of active drainingfield and level of hydrocarbon selection by oil wells of different construction in non-uniform porous fracturedcarbonate reservoirs. The scientific and methodological basis for complex of well stimulation technologies incarbonate reservoirs is the following principle – phased, consistent, rational inclusion in the development andexploitation of the entire producing formation thickness, and only thereafter – successive, phased realization ofphysical and chemical influence on the formation-reservoirs depth and extent. The article deals with the solutionof up-to-date problems of restoration and enhancement of productivity of oil wells in Tatarstan carbonatereservoirs under conditions of import substitution of advanced technologies of the formation oil recoveryenhancement. Stimulation issues on the entire chain of oil extraction technological process are regarded from theformation drilling-in until repair-isolation works. Reduction in oil recovery cost is taken into account by meansof the effective application of complex technical solutions, operations matching in time and power inputs onproduction enhancement in wells from water-bearing horizon. Enhancement of technical and economicefficiency of one's own technologies of acid treatment of vertical and horizontal wells leads to enhancement ofcurrent and final coefficient of hydrocarbon resources extraction. Solution of the above stated tasks wasperformed on the basis of the suggested by the authors principally new, scientifically based, mastered inproduction and inculcated in industrial scales complex of our own technical and technological solutionsproviding achievement of considerable enhancement of the efficiency of hydrocarbon raw materials extraction inTatarstan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.