Review of Labor Market in Russia

  •  A. V. Kamaseva    
  •  E. F. Salyakhov    
  •  A. L. Halikov    
  •  A. V. Fakhrutdinova    


The article is devoted to the detailed characteristic of a current state of the labor market in Russia. It analyses thegender and age structure of the population and gender and age structure of economically active population. Theeducation level of the working people is considered in gender aspect. It reveals that shares of women and men inthe labor market in Russia with sufficient education are not equal. People with the higher or secondaryprofessional education (28,9 and 27,5% respectively) obviously prevail. Thus women among persons with thehigher education prevail - 54,6%, with secondary education – 58,5%. This work also presents also a comparativeanalysis of a salary of separate employee categories of the social sphere and conclusions on dynamics of thelevel of unemployment in Russia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.