Innovation Development Strategy for Enterprises of the Tatarstan Republic

  •  I. A. Kodolova    
  •  Yu. V. Stepanova    
  •  N. V. Arzhantseva    


The article deals with the issues of Tatarstan enterprises’ changeover to the innovative model of development.The authors describe the dynamics of innovation processes in Tatarstan on the basis of introduction of advancedtechnologies, analyze innovation activity indicators of enterprises for the recent ten years and classifyinnovatively-active enterprises according to the types of economic activity. The authors also give a detailedanalysis of changes in the input costs pattern for innovation production manufacturing at the enterprises ofTatarstan, assess the dynamics of innovation production shipment by the enterprises for the recent five years.The authors provide some comparative data of the Tatarstan Republic and the regions of Volga Federal Districtand also provide some managerial recommendations on stimulating the innovation activities on the regionallevel.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.