Network Modelling of Functioning System of the Process Module of Oil-Contaminated Wastewater Treatment

  •  Yu. I. Azimov    
  •  I. I. Ismagilov    
  •  S. N. Savdur    


The article discusses network modeling of oil-contaminated waste water treatment at the stage of the processmodule functioning of water jet cleaning of waste water in the oil fields and petrochemical industries. Based onthe review of the main modeling methods of discrete-continuous chemical processes, expediency of using thetheory of Petri nets (PN) for modeling the process of wastewater treatment in the oil fields and petrochemicalindustries is substantiated. It is proposed to use a modification of Petri nets which is focused on modeling andanalysis of discrete-continuous chemical processes by prioritizing transitions, timing marks in positions andtransitions. A model in the form of modified Petri nets (MPN) is designed. A software package to control theprocess for wastewater treatment is designed by means of SCADA TRACE MODE.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.