Development of Firm in Conditions of Heterogeneity of Goods and Producers

  •  G. N. Ismagilova    
  •  I. R. Gafurov    
  •  N. Z. Safiullin    


The article presents new results of research in the field of the theory of firm. It introduces multidimensionaladditive and nonlinear models of interrelation of the supply and its factors. It studies the supply factorsconnected with qualitative and quantitative characteristics of this economic category. Interconnection andfunctional dependences of the supply on many factors are established, including are defined supply volume fromquality, the price and competitiveness of goods, and also from the major production factors. The law of supply inspace of the price - quality-competitiveness is introduced. The set of diagrams and examples is given.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.