High-Tech Businesses Management Based on the Trends of Explicit and Implicit Knowledge Markets

  •  G. I. Gumerova    
  •  M. R. Safiullin    
  •  E. Sh. Shaimieva    


The research presents a model of high-tech businesses management, basing on the trends of explicit and explicitknowledge market; classification of high-tech businesses, taking into consideration the three types of economicactivity: high-, middle- and low-tech; possibilities to manage the life span of high-tech business basing on itsmarket value, technological innovations costs and business indicators. The research is based upon: authors’methodology of explicit and implicit knowledge market analysis; methodology of classification of the types ofindustrial production and science-intensive services; the knowledge management model; methodologicalmaterials of the Russian Agency on Statistics (Rosstat), statistical data of the National research university“Higher School of Economics”.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.