Environmental Education of the Younger Generation

  •  Z. A. Khusainov    
  •  N. M. Biktimirov    
  •  N. V. Shigapova    


As socially-historic experience shows, non-acquaintance with the culture of your own nationality, its past andpresent means breaking up of ties with generations, that cripples in formation of pupils’ ecological culture andcreation of ecological space. Tatar peoples’ family life, the way they bring up their children differ from othersand it is affected by traditions, customs, holidays and everyday life of these people. The child is growing up anddeveloping in a native verbal environment, traditions of his nation. Traditions, customs, pedagogical andecological experience of people are in every field of life – economic, political, moral, common, pedagogical andecological culture. They are peculiar to every culturally geographical regions and tribes.

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