Current Risk Factors and Some Aspects of Prospective Development of Agro-Industrial Complex Potential in Tatarstan: Financial, Investment, Innovative

  •  M. G. Akhmadeev    
  •  O. E. Gerasimova    
  •  N. G. Bagautdinova    
  •  N. V. Arzhantseva    


Aim: to define current risk factors and find out the ways to develop the agro-industrial complex potential inTatarstan. Methods: in our research we have used the methods of synthesis, analysis and the method ofmanagement by objectives. Results: we have carried out the estimation of the influence of current risk factors onthe development of agro-industrial complex in Tatarstan; we have given some recommendations on the choice ofthe ways how to improve its efficiency in modern conditions. Scientific novelty: we have found out andsystematized key factors that influence the development of agro-industrial complex in modern conditions; wehave described the principle on the basis of which the components are selected for the agro-industrial clusterwith the estimation of their innovative potential taken as the ground for such research. Practical significance:having analyzed the key factors influencing the agro-industrial complex in modern conditions we have suggestedthe optimal current regional policy to develop and improve the agro-industrial potential in the Republic ofTatarstan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.