Structural Changes in Russian Economy and Objectives of Investment Policy

  •  A. R. Toumashev    
  •  M. V. Toumasheva    
  •  E. R. Valeev    
  •  D. A. Miasnikov    


Issues of Russian economy development in the period of economic reforms, tendency of sectorial structurechange of national production on different stages of market reformation, reductions of production volumes ofadvanced technology products in the industries with a high value added are examined in the article. Theinfluence of government policy on the state finances of Russia is considered, the criteria applied for theestimation of reforms realization success are exposed. The analysis of lack of internal credit resources reasons inan economy, forming of national and corporate external debt, and also strengthening of technologicaldependence of the Russian producers on foreign partners and insufficient stability of the Russian economy in aglobal competition is conducted.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.