Strategic Marketing Analysis of Premium Package Products of Joint Stock Investment Commercial Bank “Tatfondbank”

  •  A. Z. Novenkova    
  •  R. Sh. Shakirzyanov    
  •  A. A. Gilmanova    


The work of banking institutions is diverse. Their activity is an integral and significant part of market economyof a country. The result of the work of a lending institution is a banking product as the product of corporateefforts of a bank personnel as a whole, but not of an individual bank employee.A banking product, as any other product yielded in market environment, should primarily meet the needs of itsclients. Its development and implementation is accomplished in accordance with adopted strategy ofdevelopment of a certain bank, aimed at the increase of client base, rendering qualitative service, profit making,cost saving etc.As part of working on performance evaluation and marketing strategy construction, we would like to dwell onthe issue of a current trend in the modern multifaceted banking sector of Private banking (or VIP servicingfacility) using the example of one of the major players in the market of Russian banking services – Joint StockInvestment Commercial Bank “Tatfondbank”.

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