Economic-Mathematical Methods of Forming the Optimal Assortment Plan Trade Enterprises

  •  L. B. Shabanova    
  •  I. R. Gafurov    
  •  N. Z. Safiullin    
  •  L. N. Salimov    


The article provides a critical analysis of the existing economic and mathematical models, summarizes the maindeficiencies identified by various researchers and authors themselves, which allowed to recommend greater useof methods of linear programming. In a highly competitive consumer market, and most importantly, in thecontext of the dynamic expansion and deepening of product range, it is impossible to form the optimalassortment plans, focusing only on maximizing profits, it is also necessary to minimize distribution costs.According to the authors duality theory solves both of these problems. An algorithm for creating the optimalassortment plan commercial enterprise, based on the solution of the primal and dual linear programming problem.Given the economic interpretation of the possible reasons for which the task will not have a solution.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.