Economic, Social and Environmental Aspects of the Impact of the Universiade - 2013 on Development of Kazan City and Tatarstan Republic

  •  N. G. Bagautdinova    
  •  N. M. Mingazova    
  •  R. I. Zamaletdinov    
  •  M. V. Panasyuk    
  •  L. N. Safiullin    
  •  I. R. Gafurov    
  •  I. S. Glebova    
  •  F. R. Zotova    
  •  A. R. Kadyrov    
  •  O. B. Suslova    


The article describes the methodological approaches used to study the influence of major international sportingevents on the development of the city and region (on example of XXVII World Summer Universiade which heldin the Russian Federation in the city of Kazan in 2013). This paper presents the results of economic, social andenvironmental consequences for the development of the city of Kazan and Tatarstan. Assessment of impacts isgiven in an integrated form, with the conclusions of the contradictory effects for the different areas of the cityand the region.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.