Compensation for Loss of Commodity Value: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

  •  I. F. Sadykov    
  •  P. A. Aletkin    
  •  E. A. Astrakhantseva    


The article describes the legal and practical aspects of compensation for loss of commercial value in theimplementation of insurance benefits under compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners and the courtpractice on this issue in relation to the previous and the current editions of the normative-legal acts regulatingmandatory liability insurance of vehicle owners. Suggestions have been made in terms of eliminating theproblem for insurance companies and for the legislator. It is concluded that the issue of compensation for loss ofcommercial value after the new editions of the normative legal acts in the area of concern remains unresolved.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.