Features of Identification Business Processes

  •  E. V. Runova    
  •  S. D. Vdovina    
  •  L. V. Khafizova    


This article deals with the peculiarities of identifying business processes. Identification of business processes isthe most important stage in the development of business processes used by business analysts and enterprisearchitects to construct models of business processes. The aim of the study is to identify the problems for properoperation of business processes. The identification of business processes is based on their selection by differentclassification groups. This is due to the fact that it is not always clear in which business process a unit which hasits own functional structure is involved. The paper presents the author's method of identifying the businessprocesses, which is tested on a particular company. The article demonstrates the key aspects that must be takeninto account during identification. During the identification of business processes organization considers theirscope, length and level of detail. The authors propose to divide the business processes into problematic andunproblematic. Unproblematic business processes do not require intervention of the company management.Problematic business processes require active intervention and strict control of the company's management. Thepaper used a combination of two powerful methods – mathematical- economic and expertise ones that offersignificant advantages in the identification of management business processes.

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