Network Modeling of Biological Treatment Complex of Polymer Production Waste Water

  •  Yu. I. Azimov    
  •  S. N. Savdur    


The article discusses technological complex of biochemical wastewater treatment (BWWT) of polymerproduction. Based on the review of the main methods of modeling discrete-continuous biochemist technologysystems (BCTS) it substantiates the appropriateness of applying the of Petri nets (PN) theory for modelingBWWT of polymer industries. It is proposed to use a modification of Petri nets that focuses on modeling andanalysis of discrete-continuous BCTS, by introducing priority transitions, deterministic time delays fortransitions and places. A model in the form of a modified Petri net (MPN) is constructed. By means of SCADATRACE MODE, software package to control BWWT technology system is designed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.