Development of Images-Symbols in the Russian Language (Linguoculturological Aspect)

  •  Tatyana Juvenalevna Schuklina    


The article is devoted to linguistic images-symbols as national-specific elements of the Russian languagereflecting the peculiar character of the national (Russian) culture, special aspects of national way of thinking andinterpretation of the surrounding world. The dependence of images-symbols evolving in the Russian language onthe specifics of each historical period in the development of Russian language cultural community is exposed onthe grounds of the study being undertaken. It has been established that functioning of images-symbols with theemotive-estimating nature having imaginative-symbolic sense appeared to be the consequence of religioussymbolism deprivation in syntagmatic combinations of the ancient syncretism epoch as a result of decompositionin syncretic thinking of a man within the Epichristian period, of change in socio-cultural situation in AncientRussia, i.e. the rejection of the Church Slavonic nature of language and the implantation of laic principle into thecommunity of medieval-era.

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