The Communication of a Religiousness Ritual of Toraja Ethnic South Sulawesi Indonesia through Ma’Badong Inheritance Media

  •  Muslimin M.    


Ma’badong inheritance media, beside as Toraja’s media in expresing their grief when there was a family member, kinfolk, neighbour, or a society member had passed away, but also had a function as an perpetuation of Toraja’s society culture’s value, because in fact Ma’badong inheritance media was not only utilized by the Toraja’s society members as the Toraja’s germinal, but also was utilized by Toraja’s people who lived out of Toraja’s region. Ma’badong became very popular because it was a last offices completeness as the main precept for Aluk Todolok’s followers (native religion) within Toraja’s society. It meant, even Toraja’s society lived out of Toraja’s area, however if there was its society member passed away, Ma’badong would still done as a togetherness form and a dedication expression from the living until died. Thus, the function of Ma’badong which was done by Toraja’s people who lived out of the area would be fold, thus beside as a last office completeness, also as a culture unifier and perpetuation by Toraja’s people.


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