The Impact of Organizational Justice on Turnover Intention of Bankers of KPK, Pakistan: The Mediator Role of Organizational Commitment

  •  Norhani Bakri    
  •  Nazim Ali    


The main purpose of this research was to investigate the mediating effect of organizational commitment between organizational justice and turnover Intention of bankers, Pakistan. Data were collected through organizational commitment questionnaire, organizational justice questionnaire and turnover Intention questionnaire from 177 bankers of KPK, Pakistan. Results showed that organizational justice had a significant positive relationship with organizational commitment and negative relationship with turnover Intention. It was also found that organizational commitment had a significant negative relationship with turnover Intention. Confirmatory factor analysis explored that the measurement model of organizational justice, organizational commitment and turnover Intention fit the sample data very well. Organizational justice showed a direct impact of -68 on turnover Intention. The impact of organizational justice on turnover Intention came down to -22% when organizational commitment as mediator was included. Organizational commitment mediated the role between organizational justice and turnover Intention. Furthermore, OJ showed a significant impact of 68% on organizational commitment that led to -72% impact on turnover Intention.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.